WOD: 9-26-12

Strength:  20 mins to find 1RM Hang Power Snatch

WOD: 3 rounds for time of:

10 Overhead squats (95/65)
20 Wall Balls (20/14)
50 Duble Unders / 12 Burpees + 50 Single Unders


A while has certainly passed since we last did Overhead Squats.  You should not be shocked by the thirty, reasonably light reps scheduled for today.  The Wall Balls are nothing new or special, but don’t forget that doing them unbroken will make Josh Plosker very happy.  Outside of that, we have only Double Unders to cover in this post.  Double Unders are when you are jumping rope and you do two revolutions with the rope in a single jump.  What’s that?!?!?!  You have tried these before and you don’t have them.  That is okay my friend.  Today AND for the foreseeable future, the scale for Double Unders will be Single Unders (yay!!!).  If you are picking up on the tone of the last few sentences you should know that something bad is coming.  Unless you are simply incapable of jumping rope (determined by a coach), a Burpee penalty will be instated whenever someone chooses to do Singles.  As of printing time there is no constant ratio for the Burpee penalty to Double Unders.  Just please note that today will be 12 Burpees EVERY SINGLE ROUND today and that penalties may vary  between Burpees, Splendids, and the such in future workouts.  Also note that you have only two options in the workout…Double Unders or Single Unders+.  Think of it as a motivational consequence.

And I am all about motivation,



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